5 Winter Car Care Tips

  • Go for Our Deluxe Car Wash with a high-pressure undercarriage sprayer.
     High-pressure spray loosens and removes road salt and grime, reducing the chances of permanent damage in hard-to-reach areas.

  • ​Have a Wax applied to your car's paint to create a shield against road salt and grime, as well as snow, sleet and rain
  • Check your wiper blades, which usually have a lifespan of about a year. Don't forget to turn off wipers when parking your vehicle for the night. Wipers can freeze to the windshield and the motor will burn out trying to move a frozen wiper.

  • Check all fluids and keep them full.
    ​Windshield wiper fluid, coolant, fuel, and an oil change before the winter season starts.
  • Give your vehicle a good Spring cleaning!When spring finally arrives, give your car a thorough detailing, including a washing, a hand wax, and a clay bar. This will remove all traces of the harsh winter and make your paint look its best.
    ​*And don't neglect the inside! Salt and grime from the winter months deteriorate the door jams, door panels, carpets, and seats of your vehicles.